Wednesday, March 16, 2011

what's up

with cricket world cup coming to the knockout stage. we can now say GAME ON

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trying to make my journey fruitful

Just discovered this insane blogger app, it runs on my phone, asks me to type, selects a picture from my cell and publishs it. And on top of that it would connect it back to my google id and rejuvenate my old blog. Wow wow wow. now this sounds interesting, I was always looking for a way to get my phone fotos and stories of the road onto the web. The stories are much more fun if you can publish it at the very moment. Lets see how long I can continue this :)

Hello world from P990i

Testing Blogger app on my phone.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Something to say

Am sitting here thinking of a rhyme,
Trying out something to kill the time.
Doing nothing all this time long,
Just sitting down here singing my favourite songs.
And its 3am now and still i feel so fresh,
Have to find a way out of this insomnia mesh.

Just couldn't stop thinking about you,
have to admit, you have filled up my stack & queue.
Just now i picked up my Cell Phone and dailed your name,
Network Buzy it showed, what a SHAME.
To you I wish only to say,
Being with you makes my day.


You riding in your car in this race,
You think you are off to a flying pace.
You adjust your mirror to see your opponents position,
Turns out he is no where to be seen in the near distance.
You rejoice now coz you think you are winning the race,
You can't seem to get the smile off your face.

Then you turn your GPS ON,
Just to see where your opponent's gone.
Now you are shocked to see the current state,
Your opponent is Leading in 1st place.

You step on the GAS and blast away,
Matter of time you knew u were going the wrong way.
You were the champ, but now its the time to step aside,
coz You lost in everything you tried,
and The Next Big Thing Has Arrived.

Rhyming around

Things are riding on my mind,
Well they are messing me up at the wrong time.
You gotta believe me when i say,
This things are way over my head.
Ain't have no place for this crap in my brain.

Am a fast rider and trash talker,
Well but here I am,
standing alone in this November rain,
Trying to find answers to the questions in my brain.

I don't know why I feel so low,
Just feels like my head recieved a blow.
Thinking of past viz is so clear,
Well I think the end is near.

I hope to finish this off soon,
Best day to do it will be on the full moon.
I don't think i will succeed in this,
Well atleast I will get to Rest in Peace.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

People generally quarrel because they cannot argue.

This seems to be true in many cases. Arguing for me is an art which leads to stating your point clearly when they contradict with the other. I believe that a quarrel only starts when one is not able to explain to the other what he really wants or when one is not able to understand the true idea of the argument.

Well quarrels are generally the bad side of an argument. One knows that he has no chance of winning/ having a argument so he starts fighting. It is human nature to throw stone for a stone [I also remember a story involving monkeys and a cap seller.]

But what the point in fighting when the outcome always turns out to be worst than before? Why don’t we learn the art of having a healthy argument?